Sunday, November 23, 2008

Giving all you have....The Best Birthday present ever

Today is my birthday.... and I just received the best present I have ever gotten in my whole life. $4.02- and a whisper from God.

Andrew is on 'detox' from his yeast issues and it has been a rough few days. As a bit of background, we have begun allowance and have instituted a 'save, spend, give program.' (Here is the program we are using.) It took quite some time for Andrew to want to put something in the 'give' envelope and we finally made it a requirement but he does it now himself. After Andrew said Happy Birthday he went to his give envelope to take some money out for me. I told him, "no honey, that money is for the church but thank you for the thought." Then...he went to his SAVE envelope and took out $3. Upon second thought he took out another dollar plus two pennies..(I'm 42 today.) I about cried because that is almost all he has in there. He didn't give just a little...he gave all he had. You can read another story about a woman who gave all she had here.

I told Mark that I wanted to give it back but of course I could not. I was going to 'dock' his allowance this week because he has not been great but of course I will not. I might even throw in an extra dollar because he has been wonderful on taking his medicine for this yeast healing. Mark drew a great corollary. When we give to money, time, prayer, or helping His people, you can just imagine him showering gifts upon us. We give of ourselves and He is pleased. He loves us always...just as we always love our children, but when we give to Him, His pleasure with us increases and he longs to rain blessings upon us.

So Thank you Jesus this birthday, and this thanksgiving week..For ALL you have done for us and may we give of ourselves each and ever day, not so that you will rain blessings on us, but just because we love You and because You love us. In Jesus name, Amen!


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Amy! I am 42 also - my birthday was at the end of September.

What a sweet son you are raising. Thank you for the analogy. I find that experiencing parenthood makes God's love for us (and his discipline at times) even clearer!

I hope you have had a lovely day!

argsmommy said...

How wonderful! It's amazing to see how God works in the lives of children.

Happy Birthday!


The Glasers said...

That is definitely worth a whole box of tissues!!!!!!! It makes all the hard work and sacrifice worth while!

Sydney said...

What an incredible gift! Andrew, I am so proud of you! And you too mom, I know how hard it is to not give that money back - it would be killing me too. You guys are such an incredible family, and we are so Blessed and thankful to have you in our lives. God Bless, and we'll see you soon.
Sydney :) and Noah

6kids said...

That is a great story Amy. Blessings. Becky

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