Friday, November 21, 2008

Our Unschooling days...

I didn't even PLAN this week. We did plenty. I made sure we did math and speech every day. Part of the reason we are 'unschooling' is that we started Andrew on a new 'anti-fungal' parade. We are only on the first 'band' at the moment; nystatin. Andrew has many gut issues with candida being one of them. The nystatin is a relatively safe medication that can help get at that. We will also be starting on some enzymes. The 'problem' is that when you push yeast out of your system you don't necessarily feel all that great. Andrew is 'extra' out of sorts. It effects his mind and his body. My hope and prayer is that healing the gut will help his attention and also increase our ability to eat additional foods that are currently restricted. Although he is not currently himself, I have noticed some really positive things such as his willingness to eat a variety of foods including fresh spinach leaves!!!!!

We have continued with Friendship Circle this week- both at home and at the center. Here is his friend that we meet up with at the center. His name is Josh. We have a new friend Evan that comes to the house and I will do my best to remember to take pictures the next time he is here. We have been skipping Enrichment Hub because it is just too much for a Friday. I am spent at the end of the week.

We managed to play in the snow this week!!! And today had several unschooling moments. First, at breakfast, Andrew noticed that his 'miralax' medicine was not all gloopy in his cereal. I had mixed it by shaking it with his rice milk first. So...we actually did the solution science experiment that I've been wanting to do for ages. Andrew is also writing his Christmas lists which involves copywork. We are working on a Thanksgiving Lapbook and have read several wonderful books on the subject including Squanto. I had no idea the 'real' story of Squanto. I bought some new 'schooling' software at Costco. I was suckered in by the coupon but I think it will help me figure out where Andrew is grade wise for some subjects. Not that it matters really... "it is what it is." But it is also a way for him to do a bit more 'school' before computer games.

So there you have it.... this is what we have been doing.... some days lots...some days not so much. Works for us! I homeschooling and so thankful that it is not only legal but easy to do in our state. I can adjust Andrew's education day by day depending on his needs.


Katie Beth said...

Amy, you really have some great resources throughout the week for Andrew! I have candida and totally understand the issues he's dealing with! It will get better:)

Lisa said...

I thought your cereal lesson was awesome!

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