Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We have been working on our lapbook for well over a month and wanted to share with you now on Election Day...assuming I get this post up tonight..I'll add some resouce links at a later date..
Our cover was red and blue... under the Elephant and Donkey tabs are the names of the Presidental candidates. Andrew also listed his platform which included many things such as "peace (from mom) during video games and work on computer every day."

The inside flap has a small book on political animals which includes of course the donkey and elephant but also words such as lame duck and dark horse! We read parts of the book "See How they Run." The vocab book is in lift the flap style and has democracy, campaign...etc.. In the upper left we had a flip panel of "fact vs. opinion."

Our middle section included a brief overview of the democrat and republican platforms and a few more vocab words. We did a fun math exercise where we figured out what year Andrew could vote and when the first Presidential election he could vote in would be. We played with those numbers quite a bit and it was a great exercise in skip counting by fours.

We did some number puzzles and Andrew did quite a bit of clip art cutting and pasting which was fun. We also practiced alphabetizing political terms.

How is it that the above picture is correctly oriented in my computer and it flips here?? just turn your head.... The final activity of interest is the calendar where we mapped out the year of when the primaries are in various states and when the conventions are held.

And here we are voting!!!!!!!!


argsmommy said...

Wow, what a neat project! Now I wish I could turn back the clock and do the same thing with my kids. : )

Thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope you received the email I sent in response to your math question.


Val said...

wow, alot of details, neat...I'm so far behind on my reading blogs...AND when they say take your kids to vote, that had not met my two, so no photos of them at the poles

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

Hi Kellie- i wrote you an email...

Val- we were the talk of the poling place i am sure...and my neighbor was there as well... we just spent so much time on it that I HAD to take him. it was only 20 minutes. The people were QUITE aware that he had disabilities... he had his feet in another ladies 'space.' i kept trying to keep him out and she says..oh that's ok. super nice people.

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