Sunday, December 28, 2008

101 Things in 1001 days

I first found this idea over at Our Crazy Adventures in Autismland. I thought it sounded great! Here are my 101 Things I want to complete in 1001 days. As another blogger said, as a Christian, God can and probably will change some or all of these goals as He see's fit. It has been fun putting it together and one of the 'things' is to organize the list. It contains a variety of items from vacations, to ministry, to many organizing desires. It also includes some 'stupid' stuff such as buying disposable coffee cups that folks can take from the house because I am always saying "I need to get those." But I don't go get them! (#84) I may group the organizing into another mini 'thing' and add some other items at a later date but this is a good start. I plan to put this on my sidebar as well. I should have put that as one of the 'things.' LOL! (There are X's on some that are a tad more personal.) There are also probably some repeats...let me know if you see them! (For some reason when I publish the '#'s" turn to bullets. any idea why?? anyone???)

101 things in 1001 days
  2. Work on the 101 in 1001 days list
  3. Increase Andrew’s independence. (Working on specific sub goals here..)
  4. Outline better meals for Breakfast, Lunch and dinner that can feed us all and are more balanced.
  5. Plan weekly for menus and shop accordingly
  6. Weigh myself (done...12/27/08)
  7. Plan a weight loss program / eating program
  8. Start a woman’s Bible study
  9. Read The Organized Homeschooler and implement. (It is NOT a deals with heart issues.)
  10. Go to Disney or Disney cruise
  11. Begin Scrapbooking again
  12. Meet a Cyberfriend in person
  13. Have friends for dinner 2X per month. Nothin’ fancy…
  14. Play ‘people’ with Andrew daily.
  15. Prayerfully consider options for external activities before committing. (just because everyone is jumping off the bridge doesn’t mean you have to.)
  16. Go to the dentist- soon- and yearly
  17. Get to the girly doctor - soon and yearly
  18. Have a mamoghram soon- and yearly
  19. Do monthly breast exams
  20. Start a Thankful jar and keep it up.. Daily. Review monthly.
  21. Make a plan for the list…. ABC and when / categorize / time frame etc..
  22. Find a way to minister to others at church.
  23. Pray about the list- what is on it and how to accomplish it within God’s will / plan
  24. Go thru school stuff weekly and file.
  25. Take a break from school stuff- plan this out.
  26. Marvel at all that God has done- journal
  27. Clean out my email box and consider switching providers
  28. Go to Plummer’s cottage
  29. Go to Tawas
  30. Begin OT with Andrew and follow thru with plan
  31. Visit sister in St. Louis
  32. Visit with EJ’s family more often
  33. Research special needs adoptions
  34. Read Clutter’s Last Stand from library
  35. Daily do a to-do list- do the to do list
  36. Start ongoing shopping lists for Costco, TJ, Plum and WF..keep on the fridge
  37. Prayerfully consider bilaterals for Andrew. Proceed as directed.
  38. Learn how to make my own gluten free bread that is eatable.
  39. Attend ehub support monthly
  40. Plan monthly family nights with another family using the Heritage builder books.
  41. Read Brennan Manning book
  42. Basement
  43. Furniture for Andrew’s room
  44. Clear kitchen table nightly before dinner
  45. Make and do a ‘control journal.’
  46. Reconnect with an old friend
  47. Go out with a girlfriend for dinner one time a month
  48. Go out with hubby at least once a month
  49. Buy holder for Bible memorizing cards
  50. Keep track of seasonal stuff like wrapping paper stock so as to not overbuy
  51. Find quite place to pray several times during the day- if only for a few minutes
  52. Clean out poolroom so that we can play pool.
  53. Go thru past journals and note thanksgiving.
  54. Start writing my book
  55. Participate in NaNoWriMo 1009
  56. Consider getting rid of a few cookbooks;) LOL!!
  57. Convince Mark we need an RV so I can achieve goals 10 and 12 and more! (This actually is somewhat of a mini-miracle that I told him this and he was NOT Yea God moment.)
  58. Learn to drive an RV
  59. Try new recipe 1X month (or more!)
  60. Make a long range goal plan for Andrew
  61. Make a short range goal plan for Andrew (Iep type.)
  62. Write a will
  63. Find a new breakfast
  64. Clean the fridge…and keep it clean once and for all
  65. Clean out car weekly
  66. Review Andrew’s supplements monthly and make changes as needed.
  67. Track supplements and progress in a journal
  68. Watch a Netflix movie just for me 1X a month.
  69. Establish a good playgroup for Andrew. Try and meet weekly or bi-weekly
  70. Buy a part of a side of organic beef
  71. Rent a cottage and vacation for a week during the summer
  72. Have an RDI cyber friend reunion
  73. Revisit the list on a monthly basis. Don’t be afraid to change it!
  74. Get away with Mark once a year for a night
  75. Take Andrew to a Tiger’s game.
  76. Go camping
  77. Meet Leslie and Mike in Chicago
  78. Clean up address book and make a list of emergency and important numbers
  79. Blog the list
  80. Organize an emergency kit including flashlight and candles
  81. Get important papers in order
  82. Go through the 3 feet of papers I have accumulated, sort, scrap and find a system that really works for me.
  83. Investigate online buying for foods we use on a regular basis
  84. Find to go cups for coffee…with lids.
  85. Make a first aid kit for home
  86. Make a first aid kit for car
  87. Make a car ‘storage’ area
  88. Introduce Andrew to a new food weekly
  89. Give away and throw away 20 things a month (or more)
  90. Get downstairs house in ‘visitable’ order..with 10 minutes.
  91. Make bedroom a haven
  92. Use one of my kitchen appliances at least bi-weekly
  93. Investigate SCD for Andrew (and me)
  94. Research chelation
  95. Juice ‘more.’ (I’ll blog on this one for sure.)
  96. Learn to make homemade chicken stock
  97. Figure out some really good vegetable sides that I can serve many times a week
  98. Memorize longer passages of scripture monthly
  99. Buy flowers
  100. Get yearly pedicure
  101. Try my hand at knitting
  102. Participate in Shoebox Christmas giving program- put on Calendar for October!
  103. XXXX


Chef Penny said...

I totally sent you an email! I love it!

Lisa said...

ok, how cool is this? The 1001th day from today is my 45th birthday! I have to do a list. lol

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