Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Starting the List

I have yet to organize my list yet (#21) but this right here is the first attempt at blogging the list (#79.) I picked up Clutter Last Stand at the library yesterday and am going to practice #73...feel free to change the list. I am going to change that to read organizing books.

I did flip through the book...yep... i know..I collect... and I'm not as bad as some people and worse than others. I didn't think the book was organized well for someone who needs help organizing. I apparently hold a much higher record in the number of cookbooks collected and perhaps that will change when I attack item number #56; Consider getting rid of a few cookbooks. I meant that as a joke actually. My sister once said that with all the money I have spent on cookbooks I could have gone to Hawaii and back....probably. But I've been everywhere with those cookbooks and the trip has lasted much longer. I have given away some but I probably won't budge much there.

Today I did #92 and #93; Investigate SCD and use kitchen appliances. These are ongoing goals. I made some sweet potato muffins an I'll blog that on my 'food and organizing blog' aka: Settings of Silver. The muffins did not turn out completely as planned but Andrew did enjoy them and I just ordered four 16 oz bags of almond flour on amazon. MUCH cheaper.

I also, of course, completed #2...make a 101 things in 1001 days list!

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Lisa said...

I wanna do a list too! I love Don Aslett's books; I find them very inspiring.

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