Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas to all!

So we went to see Santa at Henry Ford Museum. I was a tad 'concerned' for several reasons. First, I did not want Andrew to blow it for other kids. I could not continue the Santa charade fully when he started putting Santa above Jesus. We have read the REAL stories about St. Nicholas. Andrew wanted to know if St. Nicholas was still alive and I told him no. He wanted to be a St. Nicholas to other kids...such as Dr. Susan's patients... Which is of course the way you want a child to think.

The second reason I was concerned is that Andrew told me he wanted to tell Santa several things such as he wanted a 'butt kicker' for Christmas. (Don't ask..I don't know where it came from.) He also wanted to tell him that he 'he was just an old man.' I didn't know WHAT Andrew might say.

So I grilled him, drilled him...and prayed. And here is what happened.

Before we were in line I was praying for just God's protection and blessing and will over the whole situation. And then while standing in line Psalm 19:14 came to mind and I prayed that the "words of his mouth and the meditations of his heart would be pleasing to God." And they were....

First Andrew says in the sweetest voice you have ever heard, "Christmas is not about getting, it is about giving." Santa did not quite understand Andrew and said something along the lines that he heard Andrew say giving and so he gave Andrew a little plush that they have there for all the kids. Then Andrew says again, "noooo... Christmas is about GIVING; not getting." He also told Santa that he is very special and I think at one point must have said "God loves you." As we were leaving Santa says..."Remember, Jesus is number one and Santa is number two." Can it GET any better than that????!!!!!! There was more but I was too busy listening to video tape it. While walking away Andrew continues to shout...."you are a nice man Santa!!" What I think Andrew meant to emphasize was....MAN. But thankfully it just came across as a 'nice man' so as to not blow it for the other children.

So Thank you Jesus....for coming to this earth to save us. And for answering the words of my prayer as it could not have been any more sweet than that. It was an encouragement during what is currently a pretty difficult time for us and yet another "whisper from God."

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argsmommy said...

What a lovely post! A Christmas memory to always treasure. We have always struggled with the Santa thing (is it taking focus off Christ), so it's encouraging to me how well it all turned out with the way you handled it.


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