Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Ramblings

I read a poem that was an adaptation of The Night Before seen from the perspective of a parent with autism. I saw so many parts of the poem are some Christmas ramblings...

We got a Wii. Andrew had four items on his gift list and one was DeBlob Wii video game. He did not understand that we had to get the Wii game FIRST. He was a tad disappointed but later said to himself something along the effect that "that's OK. God will take care of me." He did get DeBlob later from Aunt Cheryl. He also showed GREAT JOY in the shirt that went along with the video game. He went upstairs after saying, "excuse me for a few minutes" and changed his shirt. So the jig is up.... he CAN dress himself.

I found a Sock Monkey for him. I didn't KNOW there were different types and therefore the one he wanted didn't have hair on the top of it's head. We are hoping that cousin Morgan may like it.

He was so sweet before we went downstairs in the morning. He was savoring the anticipation. WOW!!! Isn't that cool!!!

Andrew tried a carrot on his own. I know some of you will not consider this a highlight...and some of you will;)

Andrew just adores the interaction with his cousins . He loves them...they love him. It is a great gift.

Mark got a good nights sleep last night. (Those of you that know what has been happening see the blessing in this.)

Mike liked his cookbook! Anyone ever cooked blood soup. It was a Swedish cookbook. Apparently in Sweden reindeer meat is considered a staple as it was not listed under 'game' but in the regular meat recipes!

Amy kicked Andrew's butt at video games!! Not kidding...but it won't last.

Andrew kicked his teenage cousin's butts at bowling. And it was fair play. Everyone was surprised but Andrew was only mildly interested.

Amy could actually eat some of the Costco items she bought! I'll update that in another 'food' post.

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The Glasers said...

I will be interested to get your opinion of the Wii. We decided not to get one this year. But, who knows? Steve may decide he wants to get it anyway down the road.

Merry Christmas!!!

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