Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Awesome and Amazing...

Have I mentioned how amazed I have been lately at God's creation and his just plain AWESOMENESS??!!! So that I can make a friend happy who is tired of the words AWESOME and amazing... I am in AWE of the things I have seen... He has done marvelous, wondrous and even surprising things.

We have our challenges to be sure. Our life is not a normal life. At least not what most people think of normal. But I have found lately that there MUST be some sort of peace in this abnormality or I might just go off my rocker. So I'm looking for the wonderful....the majestic....and seeking it out. To be sure at times it is daunting.

Andrew was born deaf. At 13 months he received a cochlear implant. At two years old he was still quite far behind even his hearing impaired peers. Sunday he will be 10. His language is awesome magnificent.

He is on a poetry mission lately and wrote about 10 today. I just can't help myself to write another one down tonight. He does not get the capitals and we must work on punctuation. The poetry is written more in prose format on his paper (he would probably get a D from a PS teacher).... but he is so darn creative. When I heard 'writing time' in school, I froze up. This is Andrew's strong suit.

The Clover

I met a clover,
it was square.
Know the desert?
it was there.
"That's ridicoulis," I said.
"You can't be there!"
But the clover said:
"You know we can be everywhere."
I said: "You can't talk!"
He only responded, "take me for a walk."
I did it and he turned into...a hand?
It became a genie..
The size of a rubber band.
Then there was a swarm,
It was like a genie farm.
They said: "What do you wish?"
Then a fork struck me in the hand,
it was a dream.
My wish was missed.

There is always something a little umm..dark.. in his poems. (The whole fork in hand thing is a little weird. )

I wrote the above last night. Now it is morning. It is only 10:30 a.m.....and I am tired. I am going to have to try very hard to look for the stunning things today or it will become overwhelming soon.


Idy Claire said...

I love the poem. I love the adjectives.

Idy Claire said...

It is always appropriate to use awesome and amazing to describe our heavenly father.

The Glasers said...

Andrew is a wordsmith!!!

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