Sunday, August 29, 2010

A whole decade....aka..things I have learned regarding birthday parties

Andrew turned 10 last weekend. I can hardly believe it. It was the BEST birthday ever. Truly it was, for so many reasons which I may or may not blog about at some point. This summer has been the best summer ever. (I must get out my thesaurus.. best: it was aces, fine, outstanding.) I say that even though this will be known as the summer of the root canal. It was also the summer of God's great provision. But that is another post.

This entry is about the things I have learned about birthday parties over the last decade:

  • Simple is best. Andrew chose his theme: Cardboard. No I am not kidding... We made a banner on brown paper, gift bags were lunch bags personally written on by Andrew, simple table settings. Andrew did not want balloons therefore we did not have any. The woman who made our gfcfsf cake last year could not do it this year...and we (my sissy and I) made a very simple white and chocolate cake which was disposed of by the end of the party. No leftovers. Simple party fare. It is OK to have just foods your allergy kid can eat..and it's OK to have other stuff too! Whatever makes the least stress for you the party planner mom. Thank you mom for the food you brought. It was wonderful.

  • Presents are opened when the people arrive. It isn't for everyone but it works for us. Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Nancy came earlier and Andrew had time to read the comics that Grandma had wrapped the presents in. He was able to read the book Aunt Nancy brought. Then as people came, Andrew was able to give a bit of individual attention to each person.

  • Breaks for Andrew are fine. I mean, it's HIS party!!! So he would go outside and play and then go inside and play his DS and then come back out to play. The weather was beautiful and the other kids played in the mosh pit bounce house and had lots of fun. I had a very very simple craft set up in the corner; foam bookmarks with peel foam stickers.

  • Invite the moms and pops. Seriously, and I'm not just saying this, I think they had a good time. It is funny how small the world is. We actually had more people (adults and kids) at this party than any other. I have homeschooling and church friends..and relatives and they all just melded together. Some re-connected. Some made new friends.

  • It was incredible to 'extend' the party to the whole weekend with my sissy and brother's family. I don't know how ya'll can apply that one but it was so carefree and and stress free...and a real blessing.

Here ends Amy's tips for a fantastic party!!!


Laura O said...

Happy 10th birthday to your son! I've always done the simple is best approach to birthday parties. When my ledest son turned 9 he had a friends' party, just for HIS birthday. Normally we do one party for the boys as their birthdays are close together. After seeing how elaborate some moms got with parties (themes, locations, etc.), I was worried that his friends would hate his simplistic party. Instead, I heard from a few moms about how much their child LOVED the party.

I sure hope our new friends feel the same way! I'm planning on it being a family affair so moms can visit and dads can get to know each other.

The Glasers said...

It is amazing how in some parts birthday parties cost almost as much as people used to pay for weddings! Your post about Andrew's birthday party is refreshing in this bigger is better world!

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