Wednesday, August 25, 2010

God's Timing..God's choice...

When Andrew was quite young we went for a speech eval at Beaumont. We had a wonderful speech therapist for the evaluation and when were told that we would not be having her as a therapist I was, well, kind of upset. God prompted me however and it is one of the first times I decided to leave it up to God. The woman we got for speech was wonderful and THE perfect fit for Andrew. We stayed with her for two years before she left for another job.

We started OT about a year ago at Abilities Center. It is the first time we have done formal 'sensory OT' at a center. We have done it in bits and pieces with therapists at the home and for a short time at another facility. But once we found Carol at Abilities I knew it was a good fit. We have been there for a year. Earlier this summer we had about three weeks off because of other appointments, vacations and camp. When we went back I truly thought we needed it. Then about three weeks ago, I started 'forgetting' that we had OT on Wednesdays and last week I asked Carol if we left, what kind of waiting list would there be to get back in. It just felt like the right 'timing' to take a break. But I wasn't SURE. Well...Carol is leaving... to go work in the schools. So I just love the way God spoke in this instance. I needed reassurance, and he provided. He's been doing that a lot lately. I love that He loves me that much to give me the assurances that I need when I need them.

So next Wednesday is our last day with Carol. We will miss her but she has been a real blessing from God over the past year.

I have many more thoughts on how and why this last year has been so different from years past. As Andrew would say...t.b.c.

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