Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vocabulary Cartoons- A TOS Review

I was given the opportunity to review Vocabulary Cartoons. This is an incredibly creative book to teach kids (or adults) new vocabulary. Each page has a new word with the dictionary definition. It then has a mnemonic to help you remember what the word means. In case you need a refresher course, a mnemonic is memory device of some kind to help you remember something. I remember them mostly from music..All Cars Eat Gas... or in spelling A Rat In The House May Eat The Ice Cheese.

But this is WAY more creative than that. Click HERE and you can see some samples. Go...go look.. I'll wait. You can click on the PDF to download a few more to your computer.

So can anyone guess how much we LOVED this book? It was by far Andrew's favorite thing we have reviewed. He devoured it. The pages are soiled, the binding creased. I often 'rate' products by how much free time it gives me. This book is $12.95 and provided not only HOURS of reading enjoyment for Andrew (= free time for me) but also a ton of learning. If you are the testing type, there are also 'reviews' / worksheets that can be done after every section.

I really just let Andrew to go town on this book but shortly after I received it we started a new objective in RDI. It was to work on non-verbal joint attention. We have found books to be a great framework to use for this objective. We will not know what is coming next, turn the page, and look at it together. We then give each other our reaction. This would be an excellent book to use this on.

Andrew is also a cartoon artist..mostly he makes plans for future video games he wants to design. The pictures gave him fabulous ideas to add to his cartoons, plans and adventures.

This book is ageless...enjoyed by any age that can read. Even a pre-reader could enjoy the pictures and get a jump start on words and vocabulary. I give this a hearty two thumbs up from Amy and Andrew.


As part of The Old Schoolhouse Crew of reviewers, I was given a complimentary copy of Vocabulary Cartoons. I am not compensated for this review and am not obligated to provide a positive review.

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