Friday, February 11, 2011

The Curiosity Files...a TOS Review

I had the opportunity to review The Curiosity Files- Blue Diamond from The Old Schoolhouse. There are a variety of title available in this series.


At first glance, this reminds me of Magic School Bus with it's fun and funky Professor Ana Lyze- Expert in Outlandish Oddities . There are many pages of information and Q&A followed by some fun activities. I love the way they tied in the topic with the Word. This truly is a unit study that includes some history, science, geography, Bible, spelling, vocab and even the dreaded....m.a.t.h. It is written on a multi level so it is good for families with children in various grades.

For us, we tend to not do worksheets. At the beginning, I tried reading the information and then having Andrew do the worksheets. That just didn't work for us so we went back to our traditional oral narrating. But once beyond that there was plenty to do and talk about. There were mysteries and puzzles to solve, word searches, crosswords and games. The unit study had plenty of links to take you on a whole semester of rabbit trails if you wished. We did not do all of the study- it is quite long. And if Andrew was more in a 'rock mood' we might have used more. This is one of those things that we did a bit and will pull out at a later date.

We did one rabbit trail to Cranbrook Museum. They actually had (I think) a very small blue diamond behind glass. I don't recall for sure because 'behind glass' doesn't garner much attention. Andrew is more hands on and below we were able to 'experience' how rocks form. You have to stack the blocks according to a 'clicking' sound and light. The clicking gets faster and faster and you see how rocks form smooth and nice versus jagged. The other picture is of Andrew with a giant sensory toy rock that the kids can touch.

There are quite a few titles in The Curiosity Files series..and some of them are only $1. At the time of this writing the Blue Diamond is selling for $6.95.


Other Crew members reviewed other 'Files' so be sure to check them out at the tab below.

I received The Curiosity Files for free in exchange for my honest review.


Pleasantly Peavey said...

Sounds good. We enjoyed the red tide study too. I am now following you. ;)

Pleasantly Peavey said...

Sounds like fun. We had a great time with the red tides unit too. I am now following too. ;)

Anonymous said...

This looks so much fun! I'm sure my T-Rex would have a blast with this.

Thanks for the review!

Lisa @ Heritage Homestead and Homeschool

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