Monday, February 7, 2011

I Heart Your Kid

I am pretty sure that I have written a blog with this title before. But I am feeling it again. As I review in my mind all of the wisdom that has been imparted to us over the years by various professionals, I am touched mostly by those that LOVED my kid. Sometimes I differed greatly with them regarding their appraisal of how best to work with Andrew, but I knew they loved him. Their passion was reflected in their work. Even if their methodologies were not something I was going to carry out, they still had an impact just by their interaction with my child.

My son is great. But at times he is quite a handful. Those that love him look him square in the eyes, even when he doesn't look back, and the see who he is beneath the surface..even when he is mid tantrum. They see who God made him to be (even if they themselves don't know God! I feel at times that Andrew is bringing that to them ..even if they don't know THAT either!)

Why am I pondering this now? Just because...just because I have had yet another encounter with someone who I can tell does not have their heart in it. They do not love him or even like him for that matter. I wonder why this person, and others like them, work with kids on the spectrum. Because they are, if nothing else, a puzzle. If you have met one autistic have met one autistic child. There are no formulas. Only love.

So thank you. You know who you are.


The Glasers said...

I feel sorry for people like that. They don't know what they are missing!

Kellie said...

I've been saying the same thing ever since we started this autism adventure -- I just haven't been saying it nearly as beautifully as you did. : ) Praise God for the ones who love our kids!

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