Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm All Ears!!

My cyberfriend Val has just published a book I'm All Ears. It is a wonderful story about the journey of her two children Brook and Gage in finding the world of hearing. Their adventures of silence...then sound. It has not been an 'easy' journey and certainly not typical- even for the hearing impaired. I read it and there are points of inspiration and some tears as well. You can read Val's personal blog HERE. On her personal blog she has an overview of the book HERE. And the book blog can be found HERE.

Although written as inspiration for those who have children with hearing impairments, I think it is a wonderful encouragement for those with children of any differing needs- or as a perspective 'grabber' for those that are that with 'NT' (neuro typical) kids. (Suddenly all your 'regular worries' may just blend away as you read Val's story.) It would be a great book for a grandparent, relative or friend to gain some understanding of what life is really like when you find out your child is hearing impaired.

I found myself, as I was reading the book being draw in to the anxiety at first, then the promise of a different option....then disappointment... and then finally success. Yet- it is still ongoing!!! Every day is a new adventure! The second half of the book is chock full of therapy tools, IEP ideas and wonderful everyday tips. Their journey continues as I write this...always an adventure.

I'm going to write a PS on this--- as Val JUST wrote another entry in her blog today. It is 'official' as her son Gage also has 'other issues' going on. So put her blog on your sidebar / bookmarks to read often. Like I said above.....always an adventure.

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