Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekly Update October 3, 1008

Praise and Worship: We are reading the book of Matthew from The Illustrated Bible. It has all the verses but it is written in 'comic book' form which makes it very visually appealing. (As I was looking for links I noticed that you can see the entire Gospel of John from the above link..for free.)

Math: What to do What to do.. Drudged our way through a few lessons in Righstart. We worked on the concept of Time on Wacky Wednesday. I am going to do some Miquon Math this next week and make a +/- chart with Andrew. I am looking at MEP based on a comment that Kris left for me. (Thanks Kris.) It looks like it may be very useful.

History: Since we had read Leif the Lucky (non-fiction) we read Hiccup the Seasick Viking (fiction) for fun. We also read several books on the history of time for Wacky Wednesday.,TopRight,21,-23_SH30_OU01_AA115_.jpg

Art/Listening: I have decided that the art we are doing is really to teach me to draw LOL! I treated his art as an exercise in listening. There are various 'elements' in drawing (dot, circle, line) and so we did an exercise where I said such things as "draw three straight lines anywhere on the paper," and "draw a circle that crosses two of the lines." And then we compared how are drawings were the same or different.

Reading: We continue to listen to Henry Huggins on CD.

Science: We finished How to Think Like a Scientist. We also made salad dressing;) and playdough. It isn't as complicated as some of my friend's experiments (you know who you are)...but it was fun. Andrew at this moment is reading the science experiment book no doubt picking out what he would like to do this week. (It is Sunday night and I haven't finished planning yet so perhaps I'll get his input.)

Music: I'm giving this a rest at least as far as Hymns go. Andrew is VERY resistant to certain songs. It could be that he has heard the theme song from Spongebob Squarepants too many times and is therefore warped. Or there could really be something in the songs that bothers him sensory wise with his implant. He does NOT like girl voices and high pitched sounds. So we are taking a break while I figure out what to do here.

Typing and Copywork: We are working on My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson. Andrew is also making his way through Type to Learn quite well. He finished level 5 according to the CD ROM so of course wants to move ahead but I think he needs a bit more time there to cement habits. We were a the library this week and I was showing him how to look up books. I was happy that he was doing proper finger placement on the keyboard! (Oh so I guess we also learned about the library this week; how it works, where certain books are etc..)

We went back to e-hub and it was a success. We are taking story time, music and movement and maybe drama. That is a whole blog entry in itself. Will work on that...

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The Glasers said...

The illustrated bible looks intriguing!!!!! Do you know if they plan to do the entire Old Testament (okay, Leviticus would be interesting ahem).

I think it would be a nice supplement to a set of bible story books that are not actual text but illustrated and expanded into a story. I bought ten books, used, for $10.

It sounds like you and Andrew had a FANTASTIC week!

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