Friday, October 3, 2008

Wacky Wednesday - Time

I know it is Friday and lots to tell on the school front but thought I'd briefly write what we did on Wacky Wednesday. We did "time" all day. The skills involved in time are not extremely hard but the concepts are more difficult. Here are some of the things we did:

  • Worksheets from Enchanted Learning. This involved not just the mechanics but also presented words associated with time. We even did one worksheet to alphabetize those words.
  • We have on the wall a series of clocks that go through all 24 hours and we tracked our day telling time at period intervals.
  • We counted how long certain funny activities took or how much we could do in a certain amount of 'time." for example. How many times can I clap while you say your ABCs. It is funny and actually not to easy to have one person do an activity and the other 'keep track.' It is like patting your head and rubbing your tummy.

We read...and then we read some more. Below are some of the books we read. I am not going to link them because I just don't have the energy at this time but I will provide authors if you are interested in finding them. These are all at the our library. We read some and glanced at others.

The Story of clocks and Calendars by Betsy Maestro
On Time- From Seasons to Split Seconds by Gloria Skurzynski
How Do You Know what Time it is? by Robert Wells
Get Up and Go! by Stuart Murphy
Solmon Grundy, Born on Oneday by Malcolm E. Weiss
Clocks and More Clocks by Pat Hutchins

Next week I am going to continue this concept and also make a 'lap book' from our worksheets. I am not a great lap booking gal... but we actually did one on time a year or so ago so it will be fun to compare. I know we actually did some of the same worksheet but less help was needed.

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