Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekly Update: October 10, 2008

Today (10/10/08) was our 16 year anniversary. We celebrated by both forgetting it was our anniversary!! For dinner...we put on sweats, ate leftovers and watched CNN. OK- we also watched some shows we had TIVOd over the week while Andrew played computer. I asked Mark if we should watch another show and he said, "Oh why not? It's our anniversary." We were livin' large!!!!

Oh yea...this is the weekly update. This week we had parent teacher conference. The teacher said said my son is doing great! All A's. A bit of an attitude however especially when it comes to practicing math.

Speaking of math: Andrew has been measuring everything. Total unschooling here but he has it down. Same for money. He finally reached his financial goal to get his new Planet Hero. We mostly practiced our addition facts for 'regular math.' While sitting at the table, he has trouble with 8+3; however, if jumping on the trampoline, he can focus and will answer 8+3, 8-3, 4+what =8 and more. He listens/focuses well. Mark said he can picture Andrew on a trampoline in his office out in the working world. Out of the box thinking in office decor is not uncommon especially at high tech companies. I couldn't find any pictures of trampolines in offices but these looked pretty interesting!

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We continued with Bible Verses for copywork. In addition we worked on numbers. Andrew typically writes many numbers backward and I work on this during copywork rather than during math.

We finished Henry Huggins!!! Andrew did a 'picture book report' of his favorite part of the book- when the can of green paint fell on Ribsy. Andrew thinks the biography of Beverly Cleary is indeed boring (and it is)..but we are plodding through it because there is quite a bit of geography in it.

We have continued with more impromptu grammar work using the Scholastic books. We used Brainpop this week for many areas of interest including levers, gears, elections, viruses, internet viruses, electricity, tornadoes, conservation of mass... and that was while I was listening in on what he was doing. Mostly I was doing other activities when he 'played' on this.

For typing, we are having 'contests' to see who can type faster. It is getting to be a real drag but he needs to practice. So I play a typing game and then give him a handicap that he has to get to in order to beat me.

We started speech therapy this week and we are working on the 'v' sound. I won't blog much on this here because my mode of 'therapy' is different than the way the therapist does it. However I need actual direction in WHAT to work on with Andrew and I think the speech therapist is great for that.

We also started back at the Friendship Circle. You can read about that a few blogs ago. We re-joined drama at Enrichment hub and continue to do storytime and music and movement there.

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Val said...

haha, oh I love the whole anniversary scene...mine's coming up...I'll see if we can out do ya, we may turn in early and SLEEP for like 10 hrs..? oh, now we're talkin'!!! lol.

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