Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Camp Time

Lots of fun was had by all this week at Lost Valley... I didn't take my camera to the beach and most of our time was spent there in this sweltering heat but we found plenty of other things to do as well. Brother has a fabulous camper and they were so welcoming to me and my buddy. It was a pleasure to just visit...not be concerned about 'too' much. Some other highlights...

Andrew welcomed someone at the beach by yelling..."Don't smoke!!! Don't you know that you can get cancer and DIE???!!!!" I explained a bit about Andrew (who did not have his implant on while we were in the lake) and the man says.."oh. you must be E.J.'s sister."

A cousin was there that I hadn't seen in a long time. He does crossfit and below he is with Andrew trying to help him. Kind of a God story that deserves a longer blog... but because I knew about crossfit from him, and had been looking into it for Andrew, I ended up today talking with a local trainer who I think could be a perfect fit. Like I said, that will be a longer story but I was doing a 'connect the dots' in my brain of all the things that just 'happened' to happen for me to end up talking to the trainer today. Stay tuned on this one

Yes..Auntie and Princess are fishing while Andrew reads a book to tell them what to do. Auntie was so wonderful with Andrew. She 'helped' him get a fish and reel it in so he could say he caught a fish because she knew that was very important to him. Thank you :)

Andrew and his cousin figured out how to hook up their DS games so they could play the same ones!

The trailer is right in front of a pond. We did find frogs! It was quite fun.

If you are a facebook friend you saw the whole album. If you want to see it all...and I am so sure you do...go there. FB friend me if you wish.

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