Thursday, July 22, 2010

Travel Kits Review

I was given the opportunity to review an e-book called Travel Kits: A Simple Way to Bless Others. This e-book from The Old Schoohouse is $12.95. The book is like a giant brainstorming for putting together a travel kit. The idea behind the book is to bless someone but certainly you can put together your own travel kits with ideas in this book.

The e-book covers all the details for preparing the travel kit, from ideas on inexpensive gifts, how to 'stagger' opening them in the car, various types of wrappings and ideas for fun ways to eat and distribute snacks by including them in the travel kit.

For the wrapping, Andrew is the king of recycle. He love to 'repurpose' things. (Just today we were emptying out expired calcium capsules to add to the garden..but that is another post.) We decided to take some craft paper (purchased in a roll from Costco and delivered to my house because it is super heavy) and paint footprints on the paper. We then can use this paper to wrap an old box. We fill the inside with tissue and then add the travel kit items. You can also individually wrap the gifts....with the craft paper or tissue (that has been painted..or not.) It is great fun. Very flexible..adaptable.

One way to extend this to 'schooling' would be to include some 'blessings copywork' by adding little snippets of scripture (written by your child of course) that could be put in all the little packages. The e-book also has plenty of ideas there as well.

The book is full of so many ideas on how to fill the packages...themes, ages, group / family gifts and even 'parent gift boxes.' There are ideas of how to make games to include. The e-book gave me inspiration on how to have my own child make up a game. He could, for example, make a travel bingo with his own drawings. (I might just be too selfish to give that up but I could always copy it onto card stock to use again and again in future gifts.) The book included almost a full page of ideas for travel bingo and not all of the ideas were 'visual.' This appeals to me with a hearing impaired child. I am always in the teaching hat but I am thinking you could make up an entire travel game based entirely on sounds. Train, horn, truck horn, people yelling (if you were in the city.) Ok that game might be a bit short but if you included visual and auditory you would be helping 'cross some circuits' in the brain. Add in some sort of kenesthic movement you could do in the car (pat your head and rub your tummy) and you are all set. I told you in a previous post, I am all about rabbit trails. That is what I loved about this e-book. It started my brain moving to all sorts of possibilities for a travel box for others..or for us!

As part of The Old Schoolhouse Crew of reviewers, I was given a complimentary copy of Travel Kits from The Old Schoolhouse. I am not compensated for this review and am not obligated to provide a positive review.

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Tim @ Families Again said...

I loved how you tied in some homeschooling ideas! I would have never thought of that aspect. Great review!

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