Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sensory needs.... implant materials...

Sorry I don't have a more catchy title to this post. My head hurts.

On one hand, Andrew is under responsive to all things sensory. He love heavy hugs, deep pressure and swinging like a monkey.

But he can sense the smallest of changes. When we change his mapping on his implant, even a tiny bit, he notices it. We have tried going to the BTE but it is MORE than just the feel of something on his hear (his BWP has nothing on his ear).. he senses small changes in programming. I think he might be a super taster and sense small changes in flavor. He likes Lays chips...not BetterMade. (Ok even I can taste that.)

We changed his head piece this week. We made sure it had the same number of magnets. He felt a HUGE need to push things into his headpiece and even when it came off, he'd smush things on the implant site. It then transferred to pushing peas in his belly button. I thought I might go insane. We decided to change back to his old headpiece. Within a day it stopped. If you look closely, there is a DIFFERENT RUBBER on the circle around the headpiece that touches his head. REALLY?? Obviously there is some sort of 'reaction.' Now what to do about it????

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The Glasers said...

You could write a modern fairy tale . . . Prince Andrew and the Pea!

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