Thursday, September 25, 2008


I was on facebook and Andrew saw the cutest litte girl. He said with much gusto, "I'M IN LOVE WITH THAT GIRL!!" She just happens to be the daughter of a good cyberfriend. When we started giving him a hard time, he said..."I meant that with a question mark." Since Andrew is not teased in school we had to sing the little diddy; "Andrew and Brook sitting in a tree..." anyway it was too cute and a first so it had to be blogged. You can read more about Brook on Cochlear Kids. By the way... Brook has bilateral implants and apparently her baby has an implant too.


Val said...

haha, you need to submit that one for the charity book, he means it w/a question mark!!! lol

The Glasers said...

How funny!!!!!

I love the cochlear implants on the doll!! That is awesome. Pamela's babies went shopping with us yesterday and are traveling to New Orleans with us today.

Amy K. said...

Oh that is the funniest story. I love how he hedged out of it by changing the punctuation mark. LOL! The sign of a kid who understands how to make a sentence!!! Heehee.

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