Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekly School Update September 12, 2008

We've had fun this week. Here are the highlights.

Copywork and Poetry: We continued with our proverbs but also added a nonsense poem about a caterpillar from Simply Charlotte Mason. This goes along well with the poetry we did this week... Nonsense poems. I had also purchased Don't Bump the Glump. One of the pages is a poem titled How to Catch a Gleeech. As you can see from the above picture from the book and Andrew's handiwork, he is a boy of imagination. (I took this picture before his Gleech catcher was complete by the way. As I write this he is adding 'features.') In the area of fine motor, my little guy, who used to hate writing, cutting, pasting etc.. has made oodles of kiragami including the above 'Birthday Hat." hmmm..he wants it for his but my birthday is next. I'll take a picture if I so happen to wear it;)

Math: Oh what to do what to do... I switched gears. I know, it is only week two but I'm not that thrilled with Rightstart at present and I have other programs at my fingertips. I honestly don't know what to do- we did Primary math (Singapore) this week. We also did Mr. Martini's Math on the internet and Quartermile Math CD Rom. Quartermile works on speed and Mr. Martini provides additional practice. He can do 28+5 but has trouble with 8+5. We do very very short lessons a couple of times a day.

Reading: We are reading Henry Huggins on CD Rom and it is great fun.

History: We started Leif the Lucky. I figured we would do about a page a day but Andrew said, "keep reading." So...we kept reading!

Science: We did the 2nd week of NOEO science on Monday. So we forged ahead, did an extra experiment and started How to Think like a Scientist.

Speech: We are working on the final F sound. We also had a private therapist to the house and are going to try going back to Beaumont. They have room with a therapist I remember from our previous time there and I did like her. We go for a new mapping next week.

Typing: Not torture this week....just a struggle but making progress.

Andrew has had some wonderful narrations this week which I have blogged about previously.

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The Glasers said...

Andrew does have a great imagination!!! If you had asked me to draw a gleech catcher when I was that age, I would have drawn a blank. I don't even think I could do it now!!! LOL!!!

Congratulations on a wonderful week!!!!!

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