Thursday, September 25, 2008

Language Arts!

I did not plan on doing Language Arts with Andrew but I purchased these "Parts of Speech" Tales from Scholastic. (They also have Punctuation Tales, Vocabulary Tales and Grammar Tales). Andrew found them in a box and started reading with reckless abandon last night. What the heck! Let's do language arts. I did not read a single book with him, although I have done other grammar activities such as Mad Libs with him at other times. After lunch I jotted down a quick story to see what he could identify. He didn't get them all (but he was also a bit tired.) Regardless it was almost zero effort on my part- and on his. He really enjoyed it. I would not exactly call these 'living books' by Charlotte's definition because they are not 'high quality literature' but they are each a story- not a textbook. I purchased them, and the other "Tales" books through those scholastic flyers that they send home from school. You can do those book clubs as a homeschooler as well.

(I have no idea why these pictures are uploading that way...they are not pictured that way and when I flip them before uploading they are still sideways...sorry. You get the idea. )

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