Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekly Review...9/19/08

Copywork: We did a variety of work in this area including a letter to Andrew's pen pal.

Math: Back to Righstart;) We played addition war, worked on plus 8s with the '8 strategy' vs. the '5s strategy. We also did quite a bit of practical math with money. I was trying to teach Andrew to use a tissue to wipe his nose... so i said I would pay him a penny each time he used a tissue. He needed $2 more to get his Bionicle and he said, "MOM! I will have to get 200 pennies." Guess we got that one down.

Speech: We went for a mapping this week and Andrew participated quite well so we have a new map that we are trying out. We skipped working on speech because I felt Andrew should have the week to adjust to his map. Still when we were outside we did some descrim and speech work on Z and F which we did the previous weeks.

Science: We read from "How to think like a Scientist" and did the volcano experiment for the 100th time.

Art, Music, Poetry... a bit lax here but did manage to introduce the 'elements' in Mona Brooks "Drawing with Children" book

History: Andrew continues to be interested in Leif the Lucky

Typing: We finished "level 4" on type to learn!

Reading: We are still listening to Henry Huggins on CD and reading from Matthew in the Bible.

Field Trips: We went to the Hands On Museum in Ann Arbor.

We started our enrichment classes this week. All I'm going to say is that I came home and made four dozen cookies....Here is a picture of three dozen that survived.

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Renae said...

We use RightStart Math, too. After two years of crying through arithmetic, I'm so glad I switched.

My son is still overcoming some of the stigma against math that he developed, but I'm amazed at how far he has progressed.

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