Friday, September 5, 2008

Our Week in Review

I like how The Black Pearl Academy does weekly reviews on her blog so I decided to do the same. That way I can also look back and see what we have done. I do keep track on paper but this also allows me to process the week in my head;) All of these resources can be found HERE and I will post a link on the sidebar shortly. Read below for the fun we had this week;) Also included are lots of listening and communication ideas for HI folks.

Math: We reviewed the 'nine's strategy' with much kicking and screaming. We use Rightstart. Love it... but we need to do some basic review in order to continue.

Copywork: We are using the God's Little Boy book to do much of our copywork. Andrew also wrote a letter to his pen pal this week.

Science: We started our NOEO science this week by doing an experiment from the experiment book as well as reading Smaller Than a Pygmy Shrew.

Speech/Listening: We did a speech eval last Friday and the SLP gave us a protocol of sounds to work on. We are starting with the Z sound to be contrasted with S. So I spent a goodly amount of dollars on Super Duper and Linguisystems as well as borrowing from a friend locally some supplies. I will post those resources at a later date.

Reading: We are listening to Henry Huggins on CD - so this could also go under Speech/Listening. I picked up a biography at the library on Beverly Cleary. It just happened to be on display. I didn't go looking for it. You have to love the little blessings from God;)

Typing: yep...did it.. not's torture.

Poetry: We did nursery rhymes from A Child's intro to Poetry. Again there is a CD that goes along with this- GREAT listening practice. We then did our narration by acting out "Old Mother Hubbard" with his new Neopets from the Burger King Kid's Meals. That poem - in it's entirety- is funny. Here is a link to it.

Other: We have started allowance. Andrew can easily add to $1.00 plus has been introduced to 'tax' and percentages... a Neopet costs $1 but there is 6% tax so it equals $1.06. He can't quite do all that but it has been introduced. And we practiced our social skills at the counter asking for 'just a toy please and I would like a choice' as we don't actually EAT at BK. And their kid toys are cheaper than MDs. I did have to help a bit as there were people in line. But I have found our local BK to be incredibly friendly. I so wish we could EAT that stuff!!!! Maybe we'll try some fries for fun one day.

Sensory: I need to do more. We were draggin' this week a bit. I did do a few 'pre-balametrics' things of tossing a bean bag back and forth and the m/a relationship on that went quite well. That needs to be in place before any balametrics can take place.

What we didn't do: History, Art and Music...always next week..... Well we kind of did history talking about the presidents and stuff. I got Andrew straight on whose who and what's what since he was watching us watch the DNC and the RNC. I need to plan out an age appropriate unit for him over the next month. A friend did send out a great link which I will put in another post when I put together the unit.

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The Glasers said...

Nines are so cool. Whenever you find those "magic" tricks involving numbers on the Internet in which the "magician" guesses a number you mentally picked, it is always based on manipulating nines!

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