Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It's only September and already we are in a rut (and getting through the colds that everyone else seems to have.) So... we are re-vamping Wednesdays to be WACKY WEDNESDAY. We are not doing 'nothing' or even 'unschooling' (which is great for some but we don't do it). I got the idea from a cyberfriend that does this every week with her daughter. It may be a field trip, educational video.... anything as long as it is not the regular routine. I hesitated against this as Friday is taken up by our homeschool enrichment hub classes and that means only three formal days a week of our assigned curriculum. But, what are we REALLY catching up for??!! I'm after heart issues with Andrew so if this will keep us involved and attentive the other three days I think it will work out for the best.

We are 'behind' in some of the subject like art and poetry so I thought this would be a 'catch up day' for fun stuff. So today we.....

  • Listened to the Bible NIrV version taken from Faith Comes by Hearing and read along.
  • Read Weights and Measures for our math and science and plan to play with volumes later this afternoon.
  • Read the definition of a limerick from A Child's Intro to Poetry and listened to some too. Did you know that "There Once was a Man from Nantucket" is a REAL limerick? (You can google it on Wikipedia. I could find no link that had ONLY the clean version so will not provide a link here.)
  • Read a story in our Hymn book. Andrew still is not keen on listening to I let him just sing the words to his own tune. Hey! It's Wacky Wednesday!
  • Reviewed our Elements of Shape from Drawing with Children. Mom got a compliment from Andrew when she drew a fish (see above) that was on his shirt. "Hey mom! That's a great drawing. See, practice makes perfect." I can see this will be a course in drawing for me... I'll have other objectives for Andrew during it.
  • Did some household chores. Not fun- but Wacky Wednesday doesn't mean 100% fun...
  • Did a bit of copy work- OK this is an everyday thing but I felt it necessary. We will also do a few minutes of typing later tonight.

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The Glasers said...

What a great fish!!! I just love it!!!! WOW!

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