Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Apologia Press - a TOS Review


I feel that I have had a bit of time off from The TOS Crew. It has been a few weeks since I have done a review for them. Rest assured we have some really good stuff in the pike for the next few weeks! The first among them is a book from the What We Believe series by Apologia Press. There are four in the series and I was able to review Who is God? And Can I Really Know Him? This sells for $39.

This is a 10 lesson textbook that covers the 'big' questions such as, will God meet all my needs? or.. Why did God create me? You can see the table of contents here and it shows all the questions presented and covered in the book.

The book is beautiful and it is difficult to describe all that is included. Each chapter contains scripture, an overview of the topic, a fictional story, perhaps some art work, life application, prayer and maybe a project. You can see a sample here. and this is the entire first chapter. They are all laid out in a similar fashion.

So, how did this work for us you are wondering?? I did not show the book to Andrew because the topics were quite heady for him. I spent time going through the book myself and presenting material based on what I read. He is an avid reader and if I did show it to him, he would hunt it down and read it from cover to cover without my knowing. This is a good thing on many levels, but for Andrew, he doesn't always voice his questions. I wouldn't want unknown questions festering in his head on this subject. I have considered taking it to a copy store such as Kinkos, getting the binding taken off, putting in three hole punches and putting it in a notebook so I could just pull out pages for him. I have done that with other books where I don't want to read the whole book to Andrew. This text could be considered a curriculum or a reference product for when your children have those 'tough questions.'

We always adapt every piece of curriculum and this would be very easy to do that with even without literally dissecting the book. The age range listed on the book is 6-14 but it also mentions that it is a "family-inclusive study of biblical worldview." I can see us using these in about two years as a family Bible study once a week or perhaps even a co-op class on Biblical worldview. I adore the way that, although a 'textbook' it is filled with a variety of ways of presenting information. It is both right and left brained in the activities through the book.

The next in the series is called "Who Am I?" and there are two other books in the mix. I can see myself purchasing all of these as the years go on.

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I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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