Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Song School Latin- A TOS Review

I received Song School Latin from Classical Academic Press for review. First the info about the program. This is the first in the Latin series from them. There is a teacher's manual, student text, a CD and flash cards. We received the first three with a sampling of the flash cards. You can buy these as a bundle for $64.95 or purchase each individually.

If you recall, a few months ago we reviewed a Spanish language program and Andrew took to it very quickly. This was no different. This is CD versus a video but each lesson has a song to sing along with the words in the book. And sing Andrew did... the ditties stuck in my brain as he would walk around the house singing the song. They were a great way to get to learn the words.

Each lesson had the vocabulary words to learn and then various other ways to cement them in the brain including copy work, stories where you wrote the words in and Q&A. The monkey who was pictured through the book cracked Andrew up! The fun cartoons did definitely help make the Latin more appealing.

I must admit that I don't understand the difference between ecclesiastical versus classical Latin. I also thought that Latin was not spoken so I didn't quite understand why one would go to the trouble of learning to pronounce the words but several friends who have children who have learned Latin either in home or private school have said that this is how kids typically start out learning the language. I think it helps cement the roots in you brain.

There are, from my understanding, a wide variety of choices out there for Latin curriculum. I have not researched them at all. We will finish this initial program and then take a peek at the next lesson. Other crew members reviewed Latin for Children and Latin Alive from Classical Academic Press. Take a peek at the banner below to see these.

I received this program in exchange for my honest review.

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