Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lent Meditations

I have started to post several times this week and the posts are just to 'personal' even for me! We had a wonderful example of sacrifice from my son on Friday. It is good to know God is working.

I just read a great poem from a Lent book I am reading. the book is Devotions for Lent and less than $2 on the Kindle. Even though it is two weeks into Lent I do recommend. If you don't have a kindle it is under $3. I was going to post the poem that 'hit' me but that was 'just for me' I think.

If you don't even want to spring for the book, or even if you do, I highly recommend hopping over to House Up The Rock which you can find via the button on each day I do a Lent post. She has some terrific ideas as do the folks that are linking up. There is one she just posted based off another person's blog regarding lighting candles and naming them as sins and then snuffing them out. What a wonderful word picture for kids. Hop over there though..she is a great photographer and has pictures to go along with the post.

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