Friday, March 11, 2011

Lent - Day 3

Well I spoke about fellowship yesterday. With a special needs kid..especially when it manifests itself in behavior.. it is so hard to find a church. We have kind of given up going as a family- for now. But I am starting in a 'Bible Study' / Home church by myself- for now. We meet every other week on alternating Friday or Saturday nights. Tonight is the night. And I don't want to go. I want to pull up the covers and watch the 10 hours of NCIS I have on the DVR. It has been a rough day / week / month / year / decade. But I am going...partly because I know in the past I have been fed by going. And because, well I do NEED to go. So I will consider this my fellowship offering of the day.

A friend just wrote on her Facebook that she knows she is not alone. She too has an autistic son. And we are not alone- it just FEELS like that sometimes. And sometimes we truly ARE from a human standpoint. Here is a song to that end. I wanted to embed it but that is not allowed so you can click and listen on youtube. It is You Are Not Alone by Meredith Andrews.

Be blessed.


Crissyanna said...

I'm so sorry you feel alone. I feel that way too, even though I have "normal" children.

Good for you for going to the Bible Study tonight. Typically when I don't feel like going to something like that, Hubbs makes me go and in the end I'm typically glad I did. May you be refreshed this evening.

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

Thanks Crissyanna, I almost want to change this post because i did go and I was blessed..hubbs made me go :) but i think it is good sometimes to be real. I think my post tomorrow will be exactly how we can be blessed when we reach out. thanks!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I'm glad the bible study blessed you. I do understand - too well. It can be a difficult road, but you're right, we aren't alone. Thank you for the video. *sniffle*.

Trish said...

It is so hard with our special needs children...we struggle with church as well. Our church is very forgiving, but it's more than an hour away and is a long service. It makes for a long and difficult day with children who get overwhelmed easily.

A local Bible study would be the key. I'm glad that you went anyway. I know how often I've been blessed even when I haven't felt like participating in something. Hubby makes me go too.

Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

Trish said...

Just watched the video...thank you.

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