Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nourish MD ebook review

I was given the opportunity to review several books by NourishMD including Real Snacks, Real Breakfasts and Real Lunch all of which can be found HERE. I had already been very interested in the website because I love the way it takes a graded approach to improving nutrition. They don't tell you to start sprouting your own seeds today right off the bat, but that information is in there for when you are ready. It is great for 'beginners to advanced.'

The book is wonderful and spends many pages talking about what Real food is...and contrasting that to fake food and bridging foods.

  • REAL foods: Eat a lot of these foods to grow healthy, strong, and fast.
  • Fake foods: Stop eating these foods if you want to be healthy and happy.
  • Bridging foods: Slow down on eating these foods; they are not as optimal for our health as REAL foods.

They outline the types of food in each of these categories and also show how to include your child in the transition. I actually was going to try and do a unit study using the ideas in these books but wanted to get this review out and I am a slow poke at putting together new curriculum. One of my favorite parts of the ebooks is where they talk about the history of our food and how it has ended up where it is today. This includes school lunches which is widely in the media right now with Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution reality show. There are tips included for making your own school lunch including using Laptop Lunches which I happen to already love. You can see one example of a meal we have made with these here.

These books are about REAL food. Gluten Casein Free diet (GFCF) is adopted by many people with kids on the spectrum and because of that market there are oodles of convenience foods out there to meet that diet. But that does not mean they are healthy. These e-books concentrate on REAL food from scratch but none of the recipes are overly time consuming.

At the end of each e-book are recipes.
There is a fair amount of milk in the recipes but most are adaptable. We have made oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips and cherries twice now and Andrew mentioned that they are WAY better than Koala Crisp rice bars that we buy at whole foods. I am going to continue to make some of the recipes and will blog that here and on my Settings of Silver blog. So stay tuned...

You can also find NourishMD on Facebook!


Penny said...

How much are the e-books?

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

Penny..between $7 and $10. one is on special. you can click on the links to find out more.

Penny said...

I did click through, quickly, and didn't see a price right away.

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