Saturday, March 13, 2010

What RDI can do....

This morning we had a 'benchmark' happen. One thing that can happen with kids on the spectrum is lack of 'referencing.' They don't look to others to find out information. We have Andrew's cousin over for a sleep over. In the morning, Andrew can't hear...he doesn't have his cochlear implant on. Cousin Ross can hear. Typically Andrew will just use captions to watch his morning TV but of course that would be annoying if you are hearing. Andrew didn't want to 'wake up Dad' with the sound. So I went in to rescue the argument. I turned up the volume to '10.' In the past Andrew would have just lost it because it wasn't the way he thought was 'right' and he wanted to control the situation. But he looked to me..and I signed "OK." We don't sign by the way- so he had to do some inferring here. He said, after i had signed, "so that's OK?" and i nodded yes.

Some of you are saying..big whip. Others 'get' it. :)

ok I'm adding a PS here... Andrew and Ross watched about 2 hours of Tom and Jerry. Andrew just says to Ross..."That was fun watching Tom and Jerry." cool eh?


Penny said...

Discoveries, milestones, marks of progress are so HUGE! Being able to recognize them is a window to little miracles all the time.

Celebrating your benchmark with you this morning! Andrew's using you as a reference point to keep his own emotions in check while being flexible is exciting!

Chef Penny said...

Yeah, Andrew and how exciting for you!

The Glasers said...

That is AWESOME!!!! My mom went through the same thing while we were on our cruise. She found that she could explain things to Pamela and Pamela would cooperate after she learned more information. It makes life so much easier for our kids when they learn to reference.

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