Sunday, March 14, 2010

Picture Books

We have moved back to some picture books and having fun with them. Even though Andrew can read the chapter books there is more opportunities for simple sharing and prediction in picture books. Here are some recent highlights. I found all these at the library

Snowflake Bentley: This is a picture book autobiography of the man who photographed snowflakes. We also checked out his book Snow Crystals which is full of said photographs. It is very interesting for adult and kids.

For our Australia unit we read both fiction and non fiction. Some of the fiction included The Biggest Frog in Australia, Diary of a Wombat and Koala Lou. You can stand in front of section J994 and find your pick of non-fiction. We read; Colors of Australia (can be read online for free), G'Day Australia!, and Australia. MSB Expedition Down Under is a mix of fiction and non-fiction and is a chapter book. It is a fun easy read. Andrew's favorite is below.

We read several books with our Olympic unit. I really should have kept track of those. One very fun book regarding sports is The Fastest Game on Two Feet: and Other Poems About How Sports Began. I can't even begin to explain the book but if you like poetry, check it out.

There is a used book sale next week. As I started gathering books together for the sale, I found many that I want to use. So I am skipping the sale, and will put a list here of a few I want to sell- but I did decide to start Five in A Row Again. We started with Truman's Aunt Farm. Sometimes I find the suggestions in FIAR a stretch...but I am never one to follow a system exactly anyway.

As I sit here typing this out Andrew is reading G is for Google:a Math Alphabet Book. Each page has information, puzzles, stories about that letter. He is on K is for Konigsberg and he is trying to solve the Konigsberg bridge problem. We originally checked the book out from the library but he loves it so much that we purchased it. It has been read for hours. A Million Dots and Binary Numbers are two more 'math' book that we have enjoyed from the library.

At the library last week Andrew eagerly checked out several Martha Speaks books- who we can thank for Andrew's first call to 911. And he asked to buy Just Teenie by the same author..which is in the mail.

I think God had a dual purpose in bring this post in mind for me to write. I have been feeling pretty down on myself for our 'lack of schoolwork' but I can see looking over just the books we have read that we have indeed been reading, learning and sharing.


Penny said...

FYI: One of the many forms in the Schoolhouse Planner is a form for recording each book you read!

Peek inside, here:

I think I'm gonna buy this one.

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

Hi Penny... Donna Young has great forms to build free planners which is what I have done in the past. This one looks great. i wonder if it is 'already' printed. that would give me a reason to buy. otherwise i'd probably stick to Donnayoung because they look very similar. less fancy though

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

fyi for anyone is the link. I actually have the book form printed..somewhere. planners are great..if you do them. LOL

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