Sunday, March 21, 2010

Two incredible finds...

I went to the Homeschooling Works book fair yesterday. It was great as usual. Each year I see more and more people I know. I am not quite an 'expert' there but I am no longer a 'newbie.'

I wanted to share my two favorite resources that I purchased which are both from Christian Light Publications. The first is called The Work of Thy Fingers. It is full of incredible photography of animals in all forms. For example, on one frog page they photograph the eggs as they form into tadpoles. I can't even begin to describe the beauty. It is a GIANT book and is also written in as a 'journal' and the text is very easy and fun to read. And it is less than $ incredible buy for this book. I found an 'inside look' of the book here. As a warning, I just showed my husband the book and on a couple of pages he said.."gross." There are just a couple of pages that show, for example, the growth of a baby animal from a very small size. In almost 300 pages, there are probably less than five that are like this. This is, by far, my favorite book I have purchased in a very long time.

I can't seem to find the second book on the Christian Light website but perhaps if you call... It is called My Brother's Keeper and I did find it on another website. It is about a boy with special needs and how his family takes care of him. It is a sweet book and shows pictures of the family and others as they all take care of this boy named Benjamin. They also deal with REAL emotions in this book such as how siblings feel about having a special needs brother as well as how God helps us with those feelings. A shout out to Valerie and Tricia who told me about this book as I was standing in another booth. I never would have found this or the book above without you telling me to go spend some more money!

I wish I could say this is all I bought...but it's not. (smile)

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argsmommy said...

I love book recommendations, so thank you for these two. I looked up CLP's convention schedule and they will be coming to my local convention, so I will have to look for these books.

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