Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reading to Learn

I sometimes feel bad that we don't do more traditional learning at our 'homeschool academy.' I also sometimes feel bad about the amount of books I purchase...but tonight at dinner I saw just how much Andrew learns.

I have tried social studies texts but they never 'take' in his brain. We even mapped out past Olympic cities but that didn't' seem to work. However I recently gave him two books;
The Scrambled States of America and The Scrambled States of America Talent Show. Andrew is also trying to earn some cash for Mario Bros for Wii and always on the lookout for a buck. On the back of a juice bottle it said, "ME 5c" He said, "Hey! That's worth 5 cents." I reminded him that MI was Michigan at which point he said.."Oh yea. ME is Maine." He then went on to tell me about five more states and their abbreviations just from reading these above books on his own. We did a states puzzle and he knew the shapes of many of the states but we still have to work on location (since that really isn't covered in the book.) One thing he is doing with a US map is mapping out routes to visit his favorite authors...Do you think Dav Pilkey will open up his door if we show up at his house in NYC?

I am wondering, does this give me a license to spend more at the homeschool book fair this weekend?? Just askin....

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