Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Healthy Snacks to Go. An e-book review

I was given the opportunity to review a great ebook called Healthy Snacks To Go by Katie Kimbell at Kitchen The book can be found here. It is a great e-book for only $6.95. You can see some of the pages from the book at that website as well.

First, I must tell you that I do love my paper cookbooks but am slowly becoming accustomed to e-books. I love that I can just pop in to it, print off the recipe or bring the computer to the kitchen. (I remember thinking, about 15 years ago, that I would love one of those computers for the kitchen where I could keep all my recipes. I guess those never took off eh?)

The book starts out with tips on healthy snacks and even how to use an e-book. The premise of the book is REAL cooking... from scratch. Katie lists her own kitchen supplies as well as where to potentially purchase them. There are lots of shortcuts and tips to help you make real food.

One feature of this e-book that I loved was that each recipe had icons indicating not only allergens but also relative cost, backpack friendly, and even a 'slight indulgence' icon for those that might be watching calories. A page early in the text lists these out clearly and each recipe shows the appropriate icons. The relative work intensity and storage options are also noted. Sure I could figure out for myself which recipe has an allergy we need to avoid, but you can flip quickly through the page views and pick out some favorites right away. Most of those that were not gfcf could be easily modified and indeed she gives tips to do just that.

We really struggle with the yeastie beasties around here. There are even tips included to 'trick your tongue' into thinking you are getting more sugar. And I'm not talking about artificial sweeteners. Other tips include choosing cookware and various ways to 'upgrade' the health factor in recipes in general. The book also contains hyperlinks to the website to further explain certain recipe items.

There is an entire section on making your own power bars. Above is the picture of the ones I made. There are very specific and detailed 'how to' instructions and over a dozen potential varieties follow. The ones I made were delicious. I also tried the granola bars. I used a gluten free flour mixture (the recipe called for regular) and although they didn't stick together like glue, it was unanimous that it was the best granola I had ever made. There were many goodies and sweet treats that I will be trying over the next weeks and the granola will be come a regular menu item.

But wait..there's more. The book doesn't just have sweet treats. There were some great grain salad options included such as Cold Balsamic Spelt salad and also a Potato salad. There is also a section for smoothies and how to make those healthy.

Overall I think this book is quite a deal at $6.95. I certainly recommend it!!
This e-book was given to me by Kitchen Stewardship for my review.

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