Sunday, June 20, 2010

Welcome to GNOWFGLINS eCourse!

I am going to finally delve into this e-course. I had originally asked the creator if I could 'sample' the classes to review them and she has recently changed the pay structure to donate when you can. I am going to post these over on my Picking Fruit blog...but wanted to give it some press here as well. So stay tuned and subscribe or follow Picking Fruit! If you want to know what GNOWFGLINS.... go to her website. Just a little tease.

Learn the fundamentals of traditional cooking in a 14-lesson multi-media online class!


Loving learning at Home said...

Gonna go over and see what this is all about. Thanks.

Lori - TOS Crew

Michelle said...

I think this is great! I already took a look at this a few days ago. I'll do it again and reconsider.


Lexi said...

GOOD LUCK! That course looks like fun...there are several things that really pique my interest!

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