Monday, June 7, 2010

Sun and Fun...2010

My friend Jen at The Black Pearl Academy first introduced me to Fun and Sun. Andrew requested it so we are going to do it again this year with a few changes. The basic premise is that you earn paper ‘suns’ and can spend them on various things. This year we will only be doing schoolwork for the suns..not chores. Chores are working very well as a framework for RDI and so we will keep them separate. I am not ‘demanding’ any work from him. I simply tell him that if he wants to earn the suns, he has to do the work. I can frame these any way I want by simply saying that a worksheet is worth 2 suns or perhaps he has to do 2 worksheets for one sun. That way if he has a goal in mind I can speed up the process. Some of the prize items are things he wants daily (ice cream) or he can ‘save them up.’ He is the ultimate saver so we are encouraging him to spend a few on lesser items that he can enjoy now versus saving up for only big ticket items. Our prize list is somewhat fluid but i am NOT including computer time on it this year. He tries to use computer to control us and so I am leaving the control of that in mom and dad's hands by not using it with the Fun and Sun program. Here is a list of our current prizes

MD’s french fries…3 suns

Ice Cream… 3 suns

Video game rental…7 suns

Build a bear or webkins clothes…. 4 suns

New Stuffed Animal… 10 suns

Restaurant with mom and dad…. 15 suns

Build a bear… 20 suns

New Wii or DS game… 20 suns

The beauty of this program is that you can do it however you want. He can earn suns by worksheets but also quiet reading time, chapter reading and “other things mom indicates as sun worthy." Black Pearl Academy has their own way and others do as well. This can be great for school kids too during the summer if you want them to keep up their skills they learned during the school year.

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Lisa said...

This is a great idea! Thank you for sharing it.

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