Sunday, September 12, 2010

Church at Home

This morning we had "church at home" with Andrew's play action figures. Jumba was the preacher. There were some serious funnies and some questions from Andrew and myself.

First a funny. Andrew talking about all the people in the Bible. "Peter the desciple, Mary the mother of Jesus, and John... oh yea...John was a Baptist."

Andrew was trying to baptize the characters to forgive them of their sins. It ended up in an interesting and very good conversation about what baptism really is all isn't the water that forgives the sins. It is Jesus himself and his death on the cross. Once you believe in that you are saved. But you can publicaly declare your belief to all, which is an important part of the process, but not what saves you.

We sang some songs and also read from the Egermeier Story Bible. We read the parable of the seeds. To be honest, the rocky soil and the thorns I never quite get straight. I think we all operate in each of the areas from time to time with the hope to ever increase to the good soil.

The most interesting part to me was how they all started out together in the church. All were welcomed, but then they were partitioned out to their separate areas. The cars were in one area, babies and toddlers in another, animals in yet another. I asked him why he separated them and there were some answers (the babies might cry) but nothing specific.

Just yesterday I was commenting on Facebook regarding a friend's post of an upcoming 'inclusion seminar' that is being given by a church. Inclusion is all well and good...but why is a seminar in it needed? Love is not rocket science and it doesn't need a seminar. Another friend and I were chatting awhile back on how it was when we were growing up. That was in a time when special education was in it's own wing in the public school and NOT "included" but in church those with disabilities were just included with everyone else. It was no big deal. Yes the increase in autism has changed the landscape a bit but why? When those with special needs were included in the past there were accommodations made on both sides. The church had to bend a bit in some areas and so did the parents. That is what love is. I think sometimes we ask too much as parents of our kids.. and sometimes we don't ask enough.

One of the biggest changes over the past few decades is the separation of children during service. They attend kid church and we attend adult church. What about a family service where 'all are welcome?' We are going to try something new next week. There is a church that has a Saturday evening service. They do have the kids' service at the same time but I am going to take Andrew to the balcony for the regular service and load a backpack full of Bibles (and maybe his DSi). I don't know if it will work, but it is worth a try. I will probably check it out myself for the next few weeks to see if it might work..but if you want to join me let me know!!!


Penny said...

There are family style churches in our area. I googled the topic a w hile back and found quite a few where the adults and children are not separated.

Kellie said...

I had a hard time keeping up with my blog reading this summer, so I just spent over an hour catching up here. Instead of flooding you with comments I'll give an abbreviated version: Your son's poems are incredible! I'm so glad you're reviewing for TOS and I just bought the pyramath cards based on your review! Keep showing more RDI videos -- love it!

And finally, you might want to look at the book Parenting in the Pew. I thought it was wonderful for explaining why we should have kids in church with us and then showing us how to make the most of that time. Some of the ideas might be difficult for special needs kids, but I found enough wisdom to get us through the transition from children's church to sitting with us (back when my son was only 4). We have since moved and now go to a small church where sitting with your family is the only option and my son does great. Actually, one thing that made a huge difference was sitting in the front row, preferably near the piano. He is not distracted by the other people and he loves being able to see everything. Just some thoughts...

Whew! Long comment!

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