Friday, September 10, 2010

Week 2... 2010/2011

Most of this only a mother could love. Boring and dry. I put the more interesting stuff in bold italics. Don't think I'll do this every week but it was an interesting exercise to daily jot down some thoughts.


Monday: Labor day. And yes we labored. We started math...very very easy math. Stuff we know.. to build confidence. We are using RightStart and going back to level B which is approximately 2nd grade. He knows this stuff but I am using it to reintroduce the concepts in the way they present them. I need a refresher also.

We are doing 3 letters per day and lower case. Sometimes I will add on a sentence. We will increase from there.

Loving Real Science 4 Kids. Last week I bought the study folder (lapbook) that goes along with the student text. I am letting Andrew make this his own. Truly a great purchase. We read the text together which actually works well with our RDI objectives. The text is short and interesting. The experiments are very easy and do-able and again, work well with RDI. The study folder is all his. I have a friend that has found that lapbooks work great with her son for RDI. For whatever reason, (probably Andrew being more artistic than me), they do not work well for guided participation. That's ok because he can do this 'work' independantly. He is doing it right now while I type this. I will be able to give him this to do at least once a week and it will be good for an hour of non screen time where he works alone (mostly).

Today in brain pop my sweetheart of a child looked for backaches. I have one. He wanted to help me feel better so he searched for it. There wasn't anything but I found it by going back thru the items he had watched. So sweet. For the record he watched videos today on the digestive system, robots, avian flu, sars, mars and the savanna. He also inadvertently worked on spelling because I saw he was searching for terms like elefant. It came up empty and so he had to think and re-spell. It doesn't pull up 'suggested' terms like search engines do.


Tuesday... I think this diary blog is more for mom will probably read it. (Hi mom!) And I suppose it is good for my records... Because this could get long...Maybe I'll color code and put 'life' stuff in one color and 'school' in the other- except they are inter-woven. Today was challenging. Andrew had one meltdown after another. I posted on facebook and many people said their kids were effected because of allergies. (I 'heart' facebook.) I broke down and gave Andrew some Claritin. It did calm him BUT, he was grasping for words.. my kid who speaks non stop. Still it did work 'for' us so will probably do that the next few days.

We did some more self esteem building in math. He did a few copywork letters, some language arts and of We finished up the bookwork in Chapter 2 of our chemistry and took the online quiz. Tomorrow we shall do the experiment. No OT tomorrow... Carol took a new job so it could get interesting as Andrew remembers we are not going to Carol on Wednesdays. (I am picturing Raymond in Rain Man saying...Carol..Carol on Wednesdays. He doesn't SAY stuff like that but I think he THINKS it regarding certain things.)

I did realize a cool thing while driving home from the park today.. we went by MD's and Andrew wanted french fries. I said not today.. no big deal. Wow.. there was a day when I'd drive a mile out of my way to not pass one because I didn't want a meltdown. Also, at the park, I was able to let Andrew a wee bit more out of my sight. And at one point, he looked back to ME and gave me a thumbs up. Some of you will 'get' how HUGE this is.

Oh and on Brainpop he watched lions, giraffes, baboons, elephants, rinos gazelles, crystals, dreams, imagination, fire, t.v. and natural disasters... the last one caused a meltdown.

It feels like it should be Friday...


Wednesday..Hump day.
No Carol today. She has been our OT for about a year. Loved her. But it was time to move on... but I wasn't sure. She quit her job at the private place for a position in public school. Guess I got my answer.

We did our 'usual' and Andrew asked for more schoolwork. Why? He was testing to see if he'd get some extra computer / Wii / DS time if he did his work. I let him play a TINY bit.

Had a really neat revelation this morning in my God time. Basically there is a section of Scripture I have known for a long time. God brought me a whole new meaning to it. What is it you ask?? Not gonna tell ya. Why? Because it isn't about the's about the process in getting there. God has a personal message for YOU... and although Facebook has a feature by that name.. having Him give it to you directly is so much sweeter. (I have used that feature before too. It is kind of cool. But there is nothing like quiet time. Make it happen.)


Thursday and Friday
I had a Skype with our RDI consultant today. In two weeks we go for an RDA. We haven't had one for a year. The morning started out poorly because Andrew is used to playing Mario in the morning but I wanted him to wait because I needed him to play Mario during the Skype. Lots of yelling going on...mostly by him.

We did manage to finish all our subjects. Cousin came over in the afternoon. They have fun together but little work gets done. Friday we played 'go to the dump' which is basically 'go fish' but we do "10 facts" to find a pair. So if you have a 7 you ask for a 3, if you have a 6 you ask for a 4 etc.. We are also doing a lapbook for autumn. More on that next week.

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