Friday, September 3, 2010

Week 1.. 2010/2011

Don't expect these weekly but since it is our first week I thought I'd give an update. We started school September 1st because "you go to school in September." We actually started informally on Tuesday with some Skittle math and found out that no, Andrew really can't tolerate skittles. He can have them for a treat but they should be done after work and I should not expect much from him after eating.

Today was the funniest. I am doing a week trial of brainpop. So here is what we learned just TODAY: dogs, cats, animal classification, genetic mutations, spiders, parts of speech, St. Patrick, leap year, rainbows, bats and computer viruses. WHEW! Probably going to plop down the $80 for a year subscription.

While watching the animal classification, Andrew says, "If we are all mammals, why don't we feed our young milk?"
Mom: We do.
Andrew: Where does it come from?
A pause while Mom considers her options.
Mom: It's called breastfeeding.
Giggles all around.

I also learned that there is part of the animal classification system that is HIGHER than a kindgom. It is called a domain we are in the Eukarya domain. Who knew? Learned that on Brainpop.

We did handwriting. Andrew does not properly use capitals and lower case. He knows all about the "rules" of using capitals but we reviewed them so I could then have him complete copywork. He thought "L" was lower case and "l" was upper case. He wanted me to provide "proovadince" of that fact. (Prove+ Evidence=Proovadence.) I will say that I saw a very cool thing at that point. When he gets things wrong he typically argues and just will not admit he was wrong (because he thinks he is right) or will proceed with loud chants of, "I am stupid!" He did neither. He referenced me with a 'face' that said, "oh man!" I'm so happy about that.

We also started Real Science 4 Kids Chemistry Pre-Level I and I really like it.

It's going to be a good year. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Julie Coney said...

What a great first week! Excellent work Andrew!
I will check out this Brainpop that you mentioned.

The Glasers said...

What a great week! I love little moments like that when they happen. The biggest surprise for me is Pamela's interest in politics. Even though the word politics is not in the book we are reading (The Presidency), she told me it's about politics. She thinks it is interesting that the first president, vice-president, and secretary of state were the first three presidents. When I explained to her that the Secretary of Treasury keeps track of the treasure or money, that stuck with her. It's quite surprising to me that her three favorite reads have to do with government and citizentship (The Pushcart War, The Presidency, and a children's version of Plutarch's story about Julius Caesar).

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