Friday, January 21, 2011

¿Hablo Español?

First, this seems to be a very review heavy month. So, I am really trying to not just give an overview but tell you how we are using these products in our lives which include special needs. We always use them but I don't always go into great detail of how they intertwine with our current 'objectives.' AJ has a cochlear implant and we do RDI for autism remediation as well. In the last review I shared with you the blessings that the cochlear implant has brought us and how we were so able to enjoy the Peter and the Wolf. In this product review, I will share more than just what this product looks like on paper..(or screen.) Don't stop reading because you think this is just 'product focused' as I promise to keep you updated at all the fun we are having as well. So without further adieu...

Mira! Es Speekee! Me gusta Speekee. Es Excellentee.

There have been quite a few TOS Crew products I have enjoyed but this is in the 'top 5' for sure and I am guessing it will remain there. Speekee is a Spanish course for children. If you have ever seen Signing Times, which teaches ASL, it reminds me of that. Very upbeat, engaging and fun. After just one time watching, my son was using words he had learned in the correct context.

Each video starts with the same song and introduction and then the lessons are broken down into where they go. ¿Dondé vamos? ¿El parque? ¿La Playa? The lesson is built around the vocabulary for that location. There are children speaking in each lesson. It is captioned in both English and Spanish but the captioning can be turned off.

AJ loved all the lessons... one question that we had, that other reviewers did as well was, is Speekee a boy or a girl? At one point we did find out because Speekee wore a dress. AJ laughed so hard and came to get me so I could see because he was SURE it was a boy wearing a dress! I love that he wants to share these things with me.

AJ also wanted to check and make sure that Speekee was correct in his speaking. I was looking up "translation program" on Google and he says, "No Mom. You just go HERE." We had lots of fun playing with the Google translator.

This also showed me how AJ's cochlear implant has benefitted him but also how he still does not visually reference on all occassions. (Referencing means looking to someone for information and it is a core deficit in autism. You can read more about it here on my visual cliff post. ) The objective we are working on for RDI involves us looking to each other to resolve a question in our minds (uncertainty.) We are to give a non-verbal response to the other person. AJ and I were looking through a cookbook (another upcoming review item) and I wanted him to tell me nonverbally if he would like to try the item or not. AJ's response, "No me gusta." (I don't like it.) So no non-verbal (which was our objective).... It was very funny though. I think spoken languages come very easily for AJ. Part of that was early implantation and intensive therapy. Part is just how he learns.

This program can be purchased as a dvd but in the United States there may be formatting issues. The option we used, which you can purchase, is online and called Speekee TV. It is $7.50 per month.

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I received access to Speekee online for review purposes and am not obligated to give positive review.

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Jim said...

Thank you for this review Amy. It is very interesting to read about AJ's experience with Speekee and I am delighted it is having a positive impact on him. Is Speekee a boy or a girl?? Many people are asking this question... Both! (We wanted Speekee to appeal to boys and girls and to be non gender specific, so in the series Speekee is referred to in the masculine, but also wears a dress. Well done for spotting that! Best wishes from Spain - Jim, the one in Speekee

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