Sunday, January 23, 2011

The January Freak Out

I recently wrote out on a yahoo group how we were struggling with our homeschooling right now. It seems we are far behind (by the public school metric.) We are struggling to keep keep moving. I received all sorts of great thoughts on the group including the title of this post- The January Freak Out. Apparently I am not alone in this.

Perhaps it is the cold winter with fewer chances to go outside.

Perhaps the darker days.

Perhaps the realization that we truly do not follow the same drum beat as the typical public school when it comes to curriculum. I wonder is that OK? Will he STAY behind? Does that matter? What is God's plan for him? What should we be studying to meet God's plan?

And I question. I question if it is the right decision especially when it seems as if a fair amount of home educators are considering public school. Although there are families that move from public to homeschool every day as well. I wonder if there is a different way. This can be especially true when you have a special needs child. Although some people find the opposite- that having a child with a disability of some kind confirms that homeschool is the right place.

So what do you do to resolve the January Freak Out? Some have said to take a break (but I feel we have been doing that since Thanksgiving.) Some folks change it up and do a different type of curriculum (but I am tried of planning and changing.. I want what I PLANNED to work!)

I am curious what you all do??

After a week of freaking out, and a lot of prayer, (sometimes in that order), I feel more sane and ready to charge ahead. But alas, this is Sunday and when Monday comes I am not so sure how it will play out. I will say that I think the freak out actually helped me because I reached out for support and got it.


Our Village is a Little Different said...

Last week, none of us could get motivated for "school". We did math drills and games, a unit study, and some educational computer sites. When I compare ourselves to public school, I have to remind myself that I pulled them out because that is exactly what I didn't want for them!

The Glasers said...

We took a break that was longer than I would have liked. I'm glad I took the time and do "exams" CM style because it helped me make important decisions that will change the next term. :-)

Kellie said...

I'm not sure I can call mine The January Freak Out, because I've had these same feelings all school year! But the schooling and autism are just a small part of the overall picture. I'm trying to focus more on my spiritual life -- spending time in the Word and really applying it -- as well as other key areas like health, housekeeping, and finances. It sounds like I'm going overboard on New Year's Resolutions, but really these are things I've been slowly changing for the last several months. While I'm hardly where I'd like to be in these areas, I've made improvements, which have in turn resulted in fewer homeschooling freak out days. But, yes, I've had plenty of days when I've doubted myself and our decision to homeschool. I question if it's really God's will for me to homeschool or if I'm just clinging to an unrealistic vision of what our homeschool should look like. You are definitely not alone, and there is something about January that intensifies these feelings. I pray that this week is going much better for you. : )

paisley said...

You got rid of the linky thing? Oh, well. I did at post at Enjoy!!

Steph @ Wild Crickets said...

I've been there, done that, cried over, and finally realized that this too shall pass. It does every year. lol I feel like we've had no school this month. I re-adjusted our school year and materials so that always takes a few days. Then the kid was sick for a week. I've been sick this week. She's done good working on her own this week (she's 9th grade so she can), but it's not the SAME. Sigh. Hoping that I don't have a February freak out! I wonder if burn out has anything to do with it...

BTW - I slapped you with a blog award today (just for posts exactly like this one!) Thanks for blogging so well. :)

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