Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Your Vote Counts!! Help Kids Get a Playground

Today I am soliciting your vote!!! Andrew has been involved in a fabulous center basically since birth. It is called the Center for Exceptional Families. Over the years it has evolved from a few small offices to being a true CENTER for families who have kids with special needs. Andrew has been involved in PT, OT, Camp, special events and of course many visits with Dr. Susan! She is an out of the box thinker and a vision caster. She loves on families like no one I have ever known. But... they run much of what they do on donors. I have never had a visit with her that lasts less than 30 minutes and most run an hour. She takes insurance and not an "out of pocket" place that many special needs doctors have moved too. So that means... without help the center would go away. I am not even asking you for money!! I'm just asking for your vote. The Center is competing to win $50K for an All Kids Playground. Could you take the time to vote? Or even re-blog it? There are three ways to vote and you can vote DAILY!

Via email: click HERE. You have to enter your email and a new password. The first time it is a tad cumbersome and you will have to set it up. The next time you come back it is EZPZ! I have NOT gotten any solicitation emails from them when I entered my email.

Via Facebook: This is easier yet. You click HERE. And Vote. And share if you wish. We hope you will.

Text: 104539 to 73774.

1 comment:

andrea said...

I love it... its goods that their still a Samaritan people who wants to help..I'm proud of you.

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