Thursday, April 21, 2011

Great Narration!

We have been doing Resurrection Eggs over the last month.  This morning Andrew decided he wanted to re-intact it all from A to Z.  I pulled up the last chapters of the Gospel according to Mark and he did so well!  I wanted to video tape it but he asked me not to.  He basically was narrating these last chapters.  My favorite line was when Judas came to betray Jesus.  Andrew had Peter say, "Holy Cow!  What are you doing Judas?!" Andrew is wonderful about putting himself in the character's role and trying to figure out what they would say and feel.  And in this instance I think it fit.  Can you imagine?  You are at a Passover dinner with 12 of your closest buds.  Then the head guy wants to go pray in the woods.  You fall asleep.  Soldiers come with one of your buds with accusations.  What a night.  Most of us can put ourselves in Peter's place of denying Christ but he was the boldest of them all so that does make it surprising.  But at the point of Judas' betrayal that was unbelievable to him.   He never thought he would.....

Stay tuned tomorrow for a great video.


Trish @ A House Upon The Rock said...

What a blessing for your son to have these chapters and verses in his memory. May they stay with him all his life.


The Glasers said...

Pamela asked me to take her to Walmart yesterday so she could buy some grape juice. Her plan to celebrate the Last Supper was to eat bread, drink grape juice, and wash her feet! LOL

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