Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why not?

I was in the shower.. thinking.  It is where all great thoughts happen.  I was wondering about my 'Sinners welcome' post yesterday.  And I thought..WHY are people NOT Christian?  I can guess the reasons. I looked up to see if there is a Facebook poll on it because there are a bunch of polls going around right now with a new feature they have.  (There is not.)  So the QOD is, if you are not a Christian, why not?  (If you are and want to share your story...hold that thought.)  Feel free to inbox me on Facebook if you are my friend, or email me at leave a comment.  Anonymous comments welcome.    I'm not going to try and convince you necessarily but I welcome questions.    I pretty much lay it out there and wear my heart on my sleeve when I talk about my faith. But I just wondered...why NOT?  (Maybe I will do a FB poll.)  I think this post goes right along with Lent.

Tomorrow's post will be for those that wish to share why they ARE Christians.


ksudoc93 said...

stopping by from the Crew and I was surprised to see this post because I have been really thinking a lot about this same thing lately.
Very nice blog!
FM Chris G from the Crew

Trish said...

Great question to spark a conversation...curious to see what responses you get.

Thank you again for participating.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I know so many atheists. It breaks my heart. I'd be interested to see your poll results. Some of the people I know are just "too sophisticated", but what really breaks my heart is when somebody tells me, it doesn't matter, after all they've done, if there is a God, they are beyond redemption. I use the opportunity to witness, testify, cajole.. hopefully the seeds will take root.

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