Friday, April 22, 2011

See the Light- a TOS Review


I had the opportunity to review the See The Light art class.  This is a program that allows anyone to teach art at home...even those (me) who might not be so artistically inclined.  It is very beginner and I love the way she takes people through step by step.  We were given the first four lessons to try out and you can see the first three by going here.  Bonus!

Each lesson also ties in the Bible in some way. In one of the initial lessons, you shade in an apple.  She then goes on to talk about Adam and Eve.  It is a nice way to tie the two together.   There are not a ton of materials needed to do this curriculum.  Did you know that Michaels and JoAnns now have  teacher programs for savings?  

As for how we liked it.. I really did!  And I learned much.  Andrew is much more artistically inclined and also wants to do things 'his own way.'  I liked the step by step approach and can see this working for us later on but for him right now, it just isn't a good fit.  It is possible that I could do the lesson and then transfer the information to Andrew but we have other fish to fry at the moment.  And... it is not captioned.  So on that basis alone, even though I like it, I can't purchase it for Andrew.  On some review items I really don't care because I don't love the product but in this case it lends itself to 'guided participation.'  I really do wish it were captioned.  I asked them about future for captioning... and their response is below.  They seemed receptive to the idea.  So please contact them by going HERE if you would like to see captions.   Here is an excerpt of their response:

As of this moment in time, the videos are not captioned for the hearing impaired. However, if there seems to be sufficient interest  , we certainly will want to extend our ministry into this area.  

There are different ways to purchase this program and you can see that here.  The year curriculum sells for $99.99.   I was considering how I write my reviews in general.  I may have even said this earlier in the year, but when I write a review, I tend not to write the specifics of the program as you can find that out easily on the website.  Rather, I give more general information and then how we use it.  There is a ton of detail for this program on the website and in the other reviews which you can get to by clicking on the banner below.

I received this program in exchange for my honest review.

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