Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nutrition 101 - a TOS Review


I had the opportunity to review Nutrition 101 from Growing Healthy Homes.  This is a very comprehensive book that educates on all parts of the body.  I was given the PDF version of this book available via CD ROM.  When I signed up to review the book I didn't realize that I already owned the actual paper copy which I had purchased used.  So while this review is for the PDF/CD ROM version, I have the advantage of having a printed copy in front of me.

First, with the exception on the information regarding the hearing impaired (which I will get to later), I like the information presented in this book.  It is about living well..eating well..growing healthy homes!  It is right up my alley in terms of how I 'think.'  The various body systems are covered in detail and how we are to keep them healthy.  The graphics are wonderful.  Each section has information, activities and even Q&A if you want to do testing at the end of the chapter.

When I purchased this book last year as a printed copy I noticed some items in the hearing chapter that I thought could use some updating.  It mentioned that "younger people with profound hearing loss will generally learn sign language in order to communicate with the world."  If you know me, you know I couldn't let it go.  So shortly after purchasing the book, I wrote them and told them information about the cochlear implant, learning to listen and other FACTS.  Babies born with profound hearing loss can learn to listen either with hearing aids or cochlear implants!  And when intervened early, they will do VERY well.  When I realized the CD-ROM that I would be reviewing was the same book I was cautiously hopeful that these changes would have been included.  They were not.  I did write them again they said, "Because we have four authors, we have to come to a consensus on this.  We want to do what is right and, clearly, not to offend anyone.  We really appreciate you bringing this to our attention.  We've already started the 2011 homeschooling circuit, so we're working on a solution now."   As an fyi for those that don't know, Over 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents, and because people still believe that sign language HAS to be done for deaf children (it does not), it just is something I can not overlook.  It saddens me.  I do hope they make the changes at the very least for the CD version.  I will be glad to re-post when they do that.   To most this might not be a grievous error but it perpetuates a mis-belief that I just can't leave hanging out there without mentioning.

The book is eye catching.  Andrew has read some of it and found it very interesting.  We never read things from start to finish.  I believe this book can be used for a curriculum or a reference.  There is so much detail on all the parts of the body, the foods and nutritional components that feed into it... it is very comprehensive.  It is however, pricey from my perspective.  It is only $20 more dollars for a printed version and although I love ebooks, I found that format cumbersome because the book is close to 500 pages long.  (That could be because I already owned the printed copy.)  The CD-ROM is $79.95.   There is a CD-ROM/Printed combo that sells for $129.95. You can see the table of contents as well as a sample of the book by going to here.  I know that some of the Crew members were able to get the book printed off for about $10.  It all depends on how much you like the e-book format.  There are also options for purchasing for a co-op class.  You can find all of the pricing options here.  Please contact them if you are wondering how the license purchasing works.

We have also been authorized to extend a savings offer to you.  If you would like to purchase this product, you can use the code TOScrew11 to receive a 15% discount which is the same as you would receive at a homeschool fair.  Please note the date on this review.  If you are reading it long after it has been published, this code may no longer be valid.  Please click on the button below to see other reviews on this product.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

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