Sunday, April 17, 2011

Reflection Week

I have this 'epic' post in my drafts on what a Seder is..what Passover is.. and what each part is and what it means.  I learned a ton by writing it.  But there is nothing new under then sun in what I wrote.  You can find it on the internet and I encourage you to do so.  You will learn so much just in searching out the material on your own.  A friend sent me some wonderful websites and I will be putting together a 'link list' this week.

Andrew requested a "Passover meal."  He also wants to write with red marker on the doorstops.  (He is concerned since he is a firstborn son.)   I found one website that talked about putting red crepe paper on the door frames.  We will likely do our Seder after Passover because Andrew wants to celebrate with his friends and they are out of town until May.  I think that is half of what 'it' is all about.  You can do church at home too, by yourself, on the internet- but Jesus wants us to fellowship with others.  In that interaction we learn about ourselves and others.  It really isn't about a date on the calendar.

There is so much symbolism in the Passover meal.  Some of these have Jewish roots and there are Christian meanings as well.  But much of it is reflecting...asking God to speak to you to have your own interpretation.  God is personal.  He desires relationship.

On Saturday I will be having a grown up Seder with some friends.  We will also be celebrating communion.  Many times we just go through the motions but at our last group meeting the pastor asked us to really 'get ready' for communion which means to reflect.. to come to the cross.. to give Him your sins... to repent for those things you have done so that you can leave them at the cross and be done with them.  That is, after all, what Easter week is about.  So that finally we can say, "it is finished" to whatever burden we are hanging on to.

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Trish said...

I can't wait to read your posts this coming week!

What a blessing you ladies have been to me during this 40 days.

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