Thursday, November 10, 2011

2011 Gratitude Challenge November 10- COFFEE

About ten years ago I was with a friend.   She mentioned that she could only have one cup of joe.  Even decaf upset her in various ways.  She is about ten years my senior.  I thought, "what a SHAME!"

Fast forward ten years....

I was having 'issues' with coffee and one day I was lamenting to God and said, "really?  Lord do I have to give up coffee?" And God said, "No girlfriend.  Just stick to one cup."  (REALLY!  That is what I felt him saying to me.)

So I am a now a one cup gal and my body is find handling that.  The other day though, I was thinking how I'd like another cup and immediately the Holy Spirit stopped me and said, "You have a cup.  ENJOY IT!!!"

That is a microcosm for my life..enjoying the moment.  Hard to do.  But the coffee thoughts catapulted into further elaborations in other areas of my life...

But that is another post.

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